Texas Holdem Pocket Cards

Welcome to Texas Holdem Pocket Cards page. Here you will find tips and tricks about Texas Holdem and how to work the pocket cards. The pocket cards are the first two cards that you look at. Playing just any old two card combination can break your bank fast. I like to play what I call the Black Jack hands.

That is any two cards that add up to 20 or 21. Aces are eleven and face cards are ten. All other cards have their numerical value. These are your pre-flop cards and only you get to see them. Keep in mind that after the flop everything changes. Also keep in mind that unless you are sitting on one of the blinds it did not cost you anything to see these cards so you are not married to them. If you are dealt Jack of Diamonds and the Six of Spades you do not have to take them all the way to the alter…err…river.

From time to time you are going to be dealt pocket pairs. Play them, but play them carefully. Pocket Aces are the best pre-flop hand. After the flop things can be very different. Pocket kings are almost as good as the Aces but you have the Ace overcard to worry about on the flop, the turn, and the river. Be careful. Pocket Queens and Jacks have even more overcards to worry about. That is what you do and limp in if you can.

Pocket pairs Ten and under. Limp in if you can. You might want to see a raise or two pre-flop depending on your position on how much you respect the raising player. If you do not flop a set (Three of a Kind) you might want to break the engagement and fold. If you flop two pair your’s most often is going to be lower.

A final tip about playing Texas Holdem online, take your time and look over the entire site before you begin to play. Playing online is very good practice for playing at a brick and mortar casino. Do not be surprised when you play at how much Position means in real life. You can learn how to play free holdem poker with little trouble. understanding the subtleties of the game can take a life time. The official rules to tournament play are always posted prominently. Be sure to read and understand them before you risk your hard earned dough.

What is No Limit Texas Holdem Poker?

No limit Texas Holdem Poker simply means that you can bet as much as you have in your stack. Of course, the highest effective bet that you can make is the amount equal to the second biggest stack on the table. You cannot knock out anyone just because you have more chips than they do.

This Is Called Table Stakes

No one can bump you out of a pot just because you do not have enough chhips to call. If one player is run out of chips and the other players have not his last bet goes into a side pot. He can win only what he has put into the pot.

The Minimum Bet

Is always the size of the big blind. But you can bet any amount from the size of the big blind to the amount of your stack Suppose the big blind is $10.00 and you have $500.00 in your stack. You can bet $20 or $200, all the way up to $500.

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