Playing Craps and Blackjack Online

It is now possible to play craps, one of the world’s most popular gambling games, on your computer in the comfort of your own home. One of the main selling points of craps, though, is the social interaction and excitement at the live table, so why would someone choose to forego that experience in favor of solitary, online play?

To begin, it is inconvenient for many people to drive to a casino, as gambling is illegal in locations both worldwide and in the U.S. But even if live play is an option, the circumstances in the casino are not necessarily favorable. There may be no low-limit tables available in a live casino due to limited real estate, but in an online casino, one can always find an open table at the stakes they want. In fact, craps can even be paid for free online, an option you certainly won’t find in any casino. Online gaming also removes the distractions that are normally found in the casino; craps in particular is known for having very loud and crowded tables. Finally, online craps has the option of offering the player several amenities not often found in casinos, such as frequent craps tournaments or improved player odds (the latter is in free craps games only).

Many potential customers may believe that online gambling, including craps, is fixed so that they will lose more often than usual. The house already has an edge, however, and, online casinos would only be taking an unnecessary risk by skewing the odds of the game, as they are overseen and regulated by various commissions. Software for online craps is designed so that the online and actual die rolls will have the same exact frequency.

Online Blackjack

If you enjoy playing blackjack from the comforts of your own home you need to know the best online casinos that you can visit. Here are some of the best online casinos that we know of:

Sportsbook offers a lot for those who want to bet online. You can choose from poker, sports games, casino games, and blackjack. It has been online for more than a decade and has a good crowd coming from the sports betting websites. As for blackjack options, this online casino makes use of a 6-deck shoe which is reshuffled after every deal. So if you are a card counter, you got the slimmest of chances here. Bet range goes from $1 to $100.

Players Only

Blackjack players will love the Players Only Online Casino frequented by a good crowd because it is a very safe place on the internet to play at. You cannot find hundreds of casino games on here but their blackjack layout with different levels is quite good. They also offer some variations for those who are tired of the old usual blackjack.

This online casino is among the biggest online casino that you can find today. It has everything that you need to look for in an online casino and pretty much can cater to everyone looking for a good time betting. Their blackjack offering makes use of a 4-deck shuffle that shuffles the cards after every deal. Blackjack betting goes from $1 thru $250 plus online dealer stands at with soft 17 and they also have insurance available.

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